A glass of gin and tonic is hard to beat as a refreshing drink, though the best way to serve depends on the gin. What we and The Gin Guide have found, is that Wolftown Gin is very flexible.

For a straight up, classic gin and tonic using our gin, we suggest:

  • 50ml gin
  • 150ml Fever Tree Naturally Light Indian Tonic
  • Orange slice to garnish
  • Serve in a chilled Copa glass filled with ice.

The Sarsaparilla Root gives a slight sweetness to our gin, so the 'light' tonic balances this out well. 

We also of course, recommend drinking our gin neat - refrigerated and in a tumbler with a big chunk of ice and orange zest, though if you find this idea a little challenging then try one of our favourite gin and tonic combinations.


This is probably the best all round serve for our gin. Simply replace the Naturally Light Tonic with Fever-Tree's Aromatic tonic and add a slice of orange and star anise to the garnish.


We were introduced to Lixir Blood Orange & Cinnamon Tonic by a friendly mixologist in the beautiful gin escape of The Continental Bar in Newcastle. We watched adoringly as cinnamon was sprinkled in the bottom of the glass, along with a postage stamp sized piece of orange zest, before filling with ice and adding the gin and tonic.

We were worried the orange tonic would overpower the flavour of our gin, though we should have know that this would be a master stroke. It makes for a beautiful and well balanced gin and tonic.