Sitting above the Wolftown shop, The Wolf Den is a small welcoming room with the best views of The Hoad and Market Street in Ulverston. With two tables, we can comfortably accommodate 8 people and take up to 12.


Bookings of 60, 90 & 120 minutes can be made from 12pm to 9pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Availability will be shown on the booking links below.

We have an agreement with Betullas Italian Restaurant to deliver takeaway pizza to the Den - the organisation of which will belong to the individuals booking the room and available for bookings of six or more with a drinks package and a two hour booking.

The Wolf Den is on the first floor, accessible only by stairs. 


We aren't operating like a regular bar with regular times as we are concentrating mostly on promoting our gin at different events and shows across the year. This may change if demand rises and we can find regular staff, so if you know anyone that likes working Saturday nights, please tell us.
Available dates for May, June, July will be published soon.


Here is our current drinks menu