Meet the Wolftown Shop

It’s funny what can happen when you least expect it and this was the second biggest surprise to us in 2020. We’ve now got a shop and Microbar in the heart of Ulverston on Market Place; in the oldest shop in town and with the best view.

We even have a clear view of the Sir John Barrow Monument that we honoured by including it in our logo.

OPENING HOURS: generally Thursday to Saturday from 12pm, though sometimes we attend gin shows and events and have to close. We stay open until 9pm when we have staff to do so, though 6pm when we can't. Please check our Wolftown Shop Facebook page for the latest hours.



As well as Wolftown Gin, we stock a range of drinks that go with it plus some excellent local produce.

We have a select range of Vermouth, including Cocchi Storico and Antica Formula, bitters, amari, liqueurs and a wide selection of tonics that you won't find on many supermarket shelves that mix beautifully with Wolftown.

Lillet Spritz Wolftown Shop Ulverston

We now have a small but mighty selection of rum too.

Local products begin with Kin Toffee Vodka from Newby Bridge, plus Belgrove Hazelnut Rum from Cartmel; Zingi Bear non-alcoholic ginger switchel from Hincaster; wonderfully smooth Ulversteiner Pilsner from Ulverston Brewing Company and Kapow Beef Jerky from Bardsea made from Lake District Farmers Beef.

And the icing on the cake is we are fully licensed, so you can sit and try one of the drinks that we sell before taking some home, either in the shop, outside on Market Place or upstairs in The Wolf Den. It's got the best view in Ulverston and you can have it all to yourself.

The core hours of the shop are from 1200 to 1800 Thursday, Friday and Saturday, though we extend these hours to 2100 and beyond for drinks, depending on staffing availability with extra days being introduced in November and December. Keep up to date on our Facebook page.

All enquiries to sales@wolftown.uk