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JPJ Lowland Rum - Wolftown

JPJ Lowland Rum

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As they say on their website, this is - "a chance to own a part of history through the first batch of JPJ Rum. Our signature expression ‘Lowland Rum’ draws inspiration from the life of John Paul Jones. Aged in charred oak, steeped in Arbigland sourced seaweed and lightly spiced, prepare for a complex flavoured rum with maritime salty notes complimenting the quintessential flavours of vanilla and butterscotch, leading into a light and smoky finish."

In short, it's a proper rum with no added sugar. Serve over ice, with ginger ale or cola.

John Paul Jones was born in Arbigland on the Solway Firth and was the first Naval Commander of the United States. The piece of his story I like the most though is when he attempted to invade England in 1777 from memory, through the port of Whitehaven, when an advanced party that landed on shore, reportedly got drunk and missed the scheduled invasion the next day.

I'll drink to a story like that whether it's true or not.

40% ABV