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What make s a TV Camera Operator and a Travel Agent want to set up a drinks brand? Well it started after a drink with friends, as these things usually do. We’re well travelled and love our food and drink and realised that there wasn’t a brand that was celebrating our beloved home town of Ulverston, so the morning after the night before, it still seemed like a good idea and Ulverston Gin was registered.

Having thought about things a bit more, we didn’t want to be limited by geography, so we registered a name that we’d had kicking around for a while - one that was more brand-able in its own right though still honouring Ulverston. Wolftown. 

On our fifth batch at the time of writing, we feel that our contemporary gin has reached what we set out to achieve. We will no doubt create a new drink soon. It might be another gin though it might not, so watch this space.