What make s a TV Camera Operator and a Travel Agent want to set up a drinks brand? Well it started in the summer of 2018 after a drink with friends, as these things usually do. We’re well travelled and love our food and drink and realised that there wasn’t a brand that was celebrating our beloved home town of Ulverston, so the morning after the night before, it still seemed like a good idea and Ulverston Gin was registered.

Having thought about things a bit more, we didn’t want to be limited by geography, so we registered a name that we’d had kicking around for a while - one that was more brand-able in its own right though still honouring Ulverston - Wolftown. 

After a distilling course later that year and a lot of research, we decided that the best route for us was to develop our own recipe and get someone else to make it. It's not easy to find the right solution though we came across Bottomley Distillers, who made it simple and achievable. 

We decided that if that if this went well that we would stick with this plan until we could afford our own distillery. This was how Masons of Yorkshire and Bombay Sapphire began, so we are in good company.


After a Crowdfunder pre-order campaign, we launched at the November 2019 Ulverston Dickensian Festival (known as #DickFest!). We were applying seal labels until late the night before though all went well and I collapsed for a week.

We are on our tenth batch now and have an array of awards for what we now refer to as our Signature Gin.

November 2021, saw the release of Wolftown Citrus Gin. It's beautiful and smooth citrus forward gin that like its predecessor, won a Great Taste Award and was winner in the flavoured gin category of The Gin Guide Awards, achieving a score of 88/100.

We're not ready to set up our own distillery yet, though will no doubt create a new drink soon. It might be another gin though it might not, so watch this space.